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Epic is a curriculum that gives students a chronological understanding of the Bible by guiding them through the Old and New Testament stories.


Digital files provide instant access and the flexibility to print as needed. Digital files make it easier to send lesson content to the teachers or volunteers for each age level! Download each lesson or quarter to any computer to reference later. Purchasers will have access to content three months at a time or the full year depending on which pricing plan is chosen.

Age Levels

Epic has a flexible large group/small group format for three age groups and can be used in either Sunday school or worship settings. All three ages levels will learn the same story at the same time.
Level 1- Preschool/Kindergarten
Level 2- Elementary
Level 3- Preteen
Lessons are customizable based on age levels and activity preferences. Lessons include two story narratives to choose from for older and younger students.

Creative Artwork

Epic is jam-packed with media and creative artwork that will capture kids’ imaginations and guide them as they discover stories from the Bible.

Three-Year Study

This three-year curriculum will give students a more complete picture of the story of God. Many other curriculums leave out large portions of the Old Testament. Students need to know the whole story, not just bits and pieces. Epic was created to help students understand how individual stories fit within the greater story of God’s redemptive work.

  • Year 1 consists of an overview of the Old and New Testaments.
  • Year 2 unpacks the Old Testament in an in-depth study, which includes the not-so-common stories of the Minor Prophets.
  • Year 3 completes the journey with a discovery of the New Testament.

Parent Resources

Parents will be able to download website resources to use at home to help reinforce Bible story learning.