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Who is WordAction?
WordAction Publishing Company® is a not-for-profit organization that provides relevant Christian education and spiritual formation materials to enable people of all ages to discover and engage with God's Word. WordAction is a part of the Nazarene Publishing House.

What do we believe?
We believe it is important to know about God, but even more important to personally know God through faith in Jesus Christ. We emphasize that:

  1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is authoritative for faith and practice.
  2. Students learn best when actively involved in the learning process.
  3. Students learn best in an affirming community.
  4. Christian education in the church should enhance and integrate with Christian education in the home.
  5. For effective learning to take place, teachers must personally model the lessons to be taught before their students.
  6. In addition to striving for greater competence, teachers must rely on the work of the Holy Spirit.

Statement of Faith
Our Christian education resources are based on the following statement of faith. We believe:

  1. In one God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  2. That the Old and New Testament Scriptures, given by full inspiration, contain all truth necessary for faith and Christian living.
  3. That people are born with a fallen nature, and are, therefore, inclined to evil.
  4. That a Christian can sever his or her relationship with God through willful sin, but by faith and repentance, forgiveness is granted.
  5. That the atonement through Jesus Christ is for the whole human race, and that anyone who repents and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ is justified and regenerated and saved from the dominion of sin.
  6. That believers are to be sanctified wholly, following regeneration, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. That the Holy Spirit bears witness to the new birth, and also to the sanctification of believers.
  8. That our Lord will return, the dead will be raised and the final judgment will take place

What version of the Bible is used?
Epic mainly uses the New International Version © 2011. Occasionally other easy-to-read Bible translations are used if they provide easier understanding for the children.

What is Epic?
Epic is an all-new chronological curriculum designed to guide kids through the Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories. This curriculum will help kids engage and enter into these Epic stories and see how they all fit together in one amazing narrative. It is a digital curriculum making it easier for the user to print lesson components as needed.

How is Epic different?
Epic is a three-year cycle that gives children a more complete picture of God. Many curriculums leave out large portions of the Old Testament. Kids need to know the whole story. This plan of a one-year overview, one year in the Old Testament and one year in the New Testament provides in-depth coverage of the entire Bible. The overview gives students a knowledge base from which to work. It starts with literacy and then moves to formation forming with the extended modules form the Old and New Testaments. This three-year cycle gives a more complete picture of the story of God.

How long does Epic last?
Overall it is a three-year curriculum. Each year is broken down into 48-52 lessons- providing content for a full year of Bible learning

Epic is written for what age levels?
Epic has a flexible large group/small group format for three age groups to be used in either Sunday school or worship settings. All three ages levels will learn the same story at the same time.

  • Level 1- Preschool/Kindergarten
  • Level 2- Elementary Students
  • Level 3- Preteens

Lessons are customizable based on age levels and activity preferences. Lessons include 2 story narratives to choose from for older and younger children.

Purchasing: (Back to Top)

What do I get when I buy Epic?
When you buy the full year of Epic, you get access to 52 weeks of resources that will aid teachers and leaders to engage with the kids, tell the stories, and use dynamic experiences to help them learn about the Bible. It includes stories and activities for preschool level to the preteen level.

Can I look at some samples?
Of course! View some samples here for Epic.

Do I have to order this online?
Ordering online is the best way to purchase Epic, but if you have any questions during the process feel free to call! Call 1-800-877-0700 (7:30am-4:30pm, Central Time- Monday through Friday).

What forms of payment do you accept?
We currently accept debit and credit cards; churches can opt to be billed. We’re sorry if this causes any inconvenience for you.

What are my Purchase Plan options for Epic?
You have the option to purchase a full year of Epic up front and have access to everything you need for the full year. The other option is to pay for the full year of Epic quarterly and receive content and resources a quarter at a time.

When will I be charged for the Quarterly Plan?
Your card will be charged for your first quarter of Epic the day or the following day you place your order.
Quarter 2 will be automatically charged on the 15th of the month following the first full month of your purchase.
Quarter 3 will be automatically charged on the 15th of the month 3 months following the 2nd Quarter order.
Quarter 4 will be automatically charged on the 15th of the month 3 months following the 3rd Quarter order.
If you have opted to be billed, you will receive an invoice each quarter.

If I purchased the 1st year of Epic will I automatically be billed for Year 2?
No, the Quarterly and Yearly purchases of Epic are only for that year. Once you have finished the year of Epic you will need to choose a purchase plan for Year 2 once it is available.

What are my rights & permissions?
You have the right to download, print, project, and use the Epic materials for local church use if you or someone within your organization is the original purchaser. For all other uses, contact the publisher.

What is your refund policy?
Our policy for downloadable products is that we do not provide refunds. Unlike physical products that can be easily returned, it’s impossible for us to know if a customer still has a downloadable product but is trying to get a refund. We know you would never do this, but some people would, so we have to be careful. We hope you understand and we’re sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.

Can I cancel the Quarterly Plan before the year is up?
If you should choose to quit for any reason, there will be no refund, but we will cease the automatic orders for the future quarters. You must call or e-mail to cancel your Quarterly Plan. Visit our Contact Us page for contact information.

If I have previously canceled my Quarterly Plan and want to start using Epic, can I pick up where I left off?
Yes! If you have been a previous user of Epic and want to start again you will need to call or email Customer Service to have them help you set that up again.

Using (Back to Top)

What will I need to be able to access and use Epic?
To be able to download and use Epic, you will need an Internet connection. You will also need a PDF reader (software), such as Adobe Reader, available for free download. You will need software to open zip files. (This software is typically already loaded onto Windows and Mac computers.) If your computer does not already have this software, there are numerous programs available that can be found with online search engines. To be able to pass out the leader’s guide and other lesson components, you will also need a printer.

How long will I be able to access the files on the site?
Files will be available to download and use for 17 months after your initial purchase date. Make sure you download and save the files to your computer before the 17 month period is over. We cannot grant access to these again in the future.

Support (Back to Top)

I’m experiencing technical problems. Who should I contact?
We’re sorry you’re experiencing problems. Visit our Contact Us page, and we’d be glad to help.