Lesson Structure

Epic’s Bible lessons have been creatively designed to aid teachers and leaders to engage with the kids, tell the stories, and use dynamic experiences to help them learn about the Bible.

Leader’s Guide:

Each lesson includes a section called Engaging the Story to prepare the kids for their lessons with a creative activity as they arrive. These activities will help introduce these little creative brains to the story for the day!

The lessons are set up in levels for age groups. These levels are flexible when it comes to what ages are used for each one. This allows the leader some flexibility when planning the lesson to use the level that would best fit his or her class. Suggested age groups and grades for each level are as follows:

Each lesson contains activities appropriate for 3 different age levels of children.
Level 1- Preschool & Kindergarten
Level 2- Elementary Students
Level 3- Preteens

Entering & Exploring the Story is the large group part of the lesson that includes the worship and Bible lesson. This section is located at the end of the three levels. There are two different versions of this section--one for older students and one for younger students.

Experience the Story includes small group activities that encourage the students to enter the story, participate, and relive the story using various senses.

Expressing the Story uses activities to connect the story to “real life,” including application and ways to express what students have learned through the story.

Praying Through the Story sets aside a purposeful prayer time with the students.

Memorizing the Story uses memory activities to help students learn an applicable verse for that month or unit.

• Here are a few great ideas for High Energy Bible Memorization Activities!

Student PageStudent Pages: Downloadable activity sheets are designed to complement particular activities.

Parent Take-Home Page: Use these to communicate to the parents how they can be a part of engraving these stories in the hearts of the children. Questions to spark discussions at home that have to do with each lesson and Bible Memory verses they can help their kids learn at home!

Visuals: Creative artwork designed to help you tell the Bible story and make the story come alive!

Video: The first year of Epic includes twelve animations to enhance your story-telling time. The second year of Epic provides twelve brand new Old Testament videos.